Corporate Services

Corporate Services

Studies and research have revealed that the physical and mental well being of the employees, absenteeism, major illnesses of the employees tend to affect production and productivity levelsof the industry. Our health care products directly address these issues. For instance,

  • 80% of female employees suffer from anemia, due to increased blood loss during periods and dietary habits.
  • 40% of male employees suffer from anemia, due to improper food habits.
  • Arresting anemia alone shall increase productivity by 10%.
  • Unplanned parenthood increase abortion rate and post aborted mental depression.
  • 1% of all employees suffer from hidden diabetes, which if noticed at an early stage, can be managed by diet and life style modification.
  • 4% of all employees suffer from hypertension.
  • 10% suffer from dental decay, which when filled, reduces tooth extraction and staff absenteeism.
  • 20% of the work force suffers from sleep related disorders, and this results in verbal abuse and anger in the work place.
  • 10% of work force suffers from gastritis and heart burns and this reduces their efficiency.
  • Occupational health related problems, if taken care at an early stage, are surely bound to increase production, productivity, efficiency and there by their earning capacity.

Women and Children Foundation ( WCF ) would be too pleased to associate with your organization and work towards social causes and community development programs like Village adoption, medical camps, blood donation and AIDS awareness camps. Some of the corporate packages that are on offer are listed as under:

1. WCF Health card : It is an Innovative Good health passport for all employees of your company to avoid / prevent ill health. The card enables the person to access the doctors 24/7-365 days totally free of cost. No charges will be collected. It also guarantees the quality and integrity of the medical and nursing professionals

2. General Checkup : We shall arrange to collect the blood specimens inside your premises, in a way, not compromising on the work schedule of the employees, prepare the report, facilitate a one - to -one consultation with the medical officer for a case to case evaluation, and also a symposium addressed by a doctor on any topic that you wish us to address that might be of relevance and significance to your employees. For this complete package, the cost per person shall be Rs. 100/- ( Rupees One Hundred Only)

3. Pre-employment Test : In this package, we offer to perform Blood Grouping, Random BloodSugar Test, Hemoglobin count check, Ultra sound Scan, and ECG for which we would charge Rs.1000/- ( Rupees One thousand Only) per candidate / prospective employee.

4. Well Women Package: This package is aimed at the Wellness of the women employees. This package includes a screening against Cervical / Breast / Ovarian cancers. Forming part of this package are a Pap smear Test should it be required (only for married women), Breast Examination, Hemoglobin Check, Blood Sugar Test, and Whole Abdomen Scan. The cost per employee shall be Rs. 2000/- (Rupees Two Thousand Only).

5. WCF TOTAL WELLNESS PACKAGE (Master Health Checkup): We offer to the perform the underlying tests for your employees. Indicated below are the relevance of the tests and their scope.

Urine RoutineTo determine levels of sugar and salt
Total Blood CountTo Determine the total blood count
Differential Blood CountWhole blood is made up of Red Blood & White Blood corpuscles. This test relates to the count for:
BasophilsFor General body Immunity
EosonophilsFor Allergic disorders
NeutrophilsFor immunity against general viruses
LymphocytesCancer causing reagents
E.S.RFor General physical immunity levels
HemoglobinFor ascertaining Anemia
Platelet CountTo determine bleeding and clotting levels
Bio ChemistryTo determine Blood Sugar, Blood Urea & Creatinine levels
Serology Tests to ascertain presence of HepatitisB Viruses, Syphilis and Typhoid causing Viruses, by using blood sample)
Lipid Profile( To determine levels of Good & Bad cholesterol levels and their ratio, and this has particular significance and bearing on the general condition of the heart, and that which might cause soft plaques in the blood vessels thereby causing stenosis and that which might lead to cardiac arrest, by using blood sample)
HDL(High Density Lipoproteins)
LDL(Low Density Lipoproteins)
VLDL(Very Low Density Lipoproteins)
KidneyFunction TestTo determine whether both the kidneys are functioning properly, by using Blood samples.
Liver Function TestTo determine any disorders in the liver, like swelling, enlargement by using blood sample.
Oral ExaminationTo determine susceptibility to Oral Cancer
Whole Abdomen ScanIn case of women to determine pelvic and other lower abdominal disorders, uterine cysts, kidney stones, and in case of men it is for determining lower abdominal disorders, kidney stones and prostate cancer.
Electro Cardio Graph (ECG)To determine whether all is well with the heart. General Physical Examination


Breast ExaminationTo determine susceptibility to Breast Cancer and presence of lumps
Pap smear Test (Only for married women)To determine infections and inflammations in the cervix (mouth of the uterus)

We offer to perform all the aforesaid tests within your premises. We would be happy to quote a price of Rs. 1900/- (Rupees One Thousand Nine Hundred Only) for your male employees, Rs. 2500/- (Rupees Two Thousand Five Hundred only) for your female employees.

We are confident, that ours is one of the lowest and competitive quotes that is on offer, and we unequivocally submit that our quality of the tests shall in no way be compromised by the prices indicated, since we follow the maxim of keeping our overheads low so that the price of the product is also kept low.

Women & Children Foundation, shall arrange to carry out most of the check – ups within your work premises to save on time and not to upset the work schedule, provide competent service staff, best technology tools, proven processes and value pricing.

We remain to thank you for your support and Co- operation in creating awareness about this and safeguard the community, women fraternity in particular, and seek your support and suggestions, that shall greatly further our Endeavour in this regard.