Specialized Children care


Since the year 2000, WCF Hospital has been serving the welfare of women and children. The health of every child makes the family better. The health of the child is essential for the happiness of the family.

We provide the best treatment for your children from vaccination to all diseases.

Unlike any other hospital we provide all types of treatments with transparency in package cost . This is our unique concept.

Paediatric Immunisation, Phototherapy, NICU, Paediatric ICU admission and 24 hours medical consultation, Paediatrician consultation available at WCF Hospital.

One year free paediatrician consultation is provided to babies who are delivered at WCF hospital.

Birth BCG
Birth HEP-B-1
Birth OPV-0
6 Weeks DTwP-1+HIB-1+HEP-B-2
6 Weeks OPV (or) IPV-1
6 Weeks Rotavirus-1
6 Weeks PCV-1
10 Weeks DTwP-2+HIB-2
10 Weeks OPV (or) IPV-2
10 Weeks Rotavirus-2
10 Weeks PCV-2
14 Weeks DTwP-2+HIB-3
14 Weeks OPV (or) IPV-3
14 Weeks Rotavirus-3
14 Weeks PCV-3
6 Months HEP-B-3
6 Months OPV-1
9 Months 9 Months
9 Months OPV-2
9-12 Months Typhoid (TCV)
12 Months HEP-A-1
15 Months MMR-2
15 Months Varicalla-1
15 Months PCV-B1
16-18 Month DTwP-B1/DTAP-B1
16-18 Month HIP-B1, IPV-B1 (or) OPV
18 Months HEP-A-2
2 Years Typhoid
4-6 Years DTwP-B2/DTAP-B2
4-6 Years OPV-3
4-6 Years Typhoid
4-6 Years Varicella-2
10-12 Years TDAP
10-12 Years HPV