Having a child can mean many things to a family/mother. There are several couples who have difficulties in conceiving. Our infertility (Mazhalai) package provides excellent medical and psychological support to such couples to help them conceive.

Facilities & Services Included:

Doctor/Gynaecologist/Infertility Specialist consultation for 6 months. Psychologist consultation (If required).

Lab Investigations:

1. TC, DC, ESR, Hb, HIV I&II, HBsAg.

2. Urine routine & culture-sensitivity.

Hormone Tests:

1. Progesterone

2. Thyroid

PAP Smear

Pelvic Scan

Histrolaparoscopy/Diagnostic Laparoscopy

Cost: Please contact WCF reception for further details of package

Note: Medicines & IVF (If necessary) not included in package cost.